Citadel of God

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A Novel about Saint Benedict The streets of Rome are crowded as Theoderich, the “barbarian” Gothic King, makes his triumphant entry into the conquered city. Suddenly a boy rushes into the street and attempts to stab the king with his stylus. Kicked aside by the king’s guard, he is rescued and carried to safety by a young man. The boy is Peter, adopted son of the noble philosopher, Boethius. His rescuer is Benedictus, a student, who becomes Peter’s tutor, and tries to curb the boy’s reckless determination to succeed at all costs. So begins the vivid story which follows Benedictus through a disillusioning experience with a beautiful woman of Rome, his years as a hermit and his work in establishing religious communities that were truly citadels of God in the decadence of sixth-century Rome. Softcover, 345 pages. COG-P