For Love of My People I Will Not Remain Silent

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"Cardinal Joseph Zen is one of the great witnesses of the twenty-first-century Church. His thoughts on the future of Catholicism in China should be taken with the utmost seriousness by anyone who cares about the New Evangelization in the spiritual desert of the world's largest country." - George Weigel, Author, The Fragility of Order: Catholic Reflections on Turbulent Times "Joseph Cardinal Zen, born in Shanghai and former seminary teacher in mainland China, offers rare insights into the past and present condition of China's suffering Church. In this timely book, Zen asserts that 'a terrifying scenario is unfolding' now in China." - Anthony Clark, Ph.D., Professor of China's Catholic History, Whitworth University "Cardinal Zen's unadorned eloquence reveals a patient silence "like a lamb before its shearers" (Is 53:7) during many years of suffering. At the same time, as the prophet said, "For Jerusalem's sake I will not remain quiet " (Is 62:1), so does Cardinal Zen say for China." - Fr. George Rutler, Author, Calm in Chaos: Catholic Wisdom for Anxious Times LPRSP