Making Sense out of Suffering T83219

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“To lead others to the edge of life’s greatest mystery, the mystery of suffering, a guide needs to demonstrate humility, compassion, and, ironically, a kind of ‘lightness of being.’ Peter Kreeft has all those qualities and one more: a sharp well-tempered mind. He proves a trustworthy guide.” {Philip Yancey, Author of “Where is God When It Hurts.} ”A book of great clarity and comfort and one that really makes a difference. This is the real answer to the question why bad things happen to good people.” {William Kirk Kilpatrick, Author of Psychological Seduction} Peter Kreeft is professor of philosophy at boston College. His numerous books include “Making Choices, Knowing the Truth of God’s Love and Heaven: The Heart’s Deepest Loving.” Softcover, 184 pages. T83219