Plastic Holy Water Bottle

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We must recall that holy water, through a priest, is blessed by God in virtue of Christ’s baptism. The Catholic Church possesses massive power in being able to impart sacramental grace—and holy water as a sacramental receives its power through the prayer and authority of the Church. The rite of the blessing said over water by a priest, contains prayers of exorcism. It can banish demons, heal the sick, and send abundant grace upon us. This sturdy 4-ounce holy water bottle is constructed of plastic and has an image of the Shrine printed on the bottle. The bottle will be filled with Holy Water from the Creche at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament free of charge. “From long experience, I have discovered that there is nothing like holy water to put devils to flight and prevent them from returning again. So, holy water must have great virtue. For my own part, whenever I take it, my soul feels a particular and most notable consolation.” – St. Teresa of Avila PL306