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"This epic mini-series, directed by renowned Spanish film-maker Josefina Molina, stars Concha Velasco as St. Teresa of Avila. Filmed on location in Spain, and brimming with talent, production value, and meticulous attention to detail and historical accuracy, this acclaimed production is the definitive film on one of the most amazing women in history. ~ Teresa of Avila was called by God to reform and renew the Carmelite order-a daunting task. She was joined in this work by her great fellow Carmelite and spiritual director, St. John of the Cross. This film reveals the conversion that Teresa herself had to go through even as she fought to bring about the spiritual reform of her Carmelite order. Despite tremendous opposition, and at times, persecution, she and John were able to bring about this much needed spiritual renewal. -450 minutes/Spanish with English subtitles/ 3 disc set. Special features include a biography of St. Teresa of Avila, a documentary on the making of the film and a 16 page collector's booklet with study guide and film photos." STOAM